Automatic Doors

RJP Electric Gates are fully qualified to install and service CAME's range of sliding door automation systems. Featuring:

  • Self-adjustment of the opening and closing speed
  • Decelleration of movement during opening and closing
  • Self diagnostic with LED indicator
  • an 'Interlock' function (for hotels, banks etc.)
  • Obstacle detection
  • Our automated sliding doors truly are state-of-the-art in terms of safety and reliability.
Automatic Doors Bradford
  • Fly
  • Corsa-Rodeo
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For swing doors of up to 1,2 m per leaf, modern swing doors can be automated today, thanks to FLY, in the single or double door version.

It is extremely versatile and easy to install making it ideal for disabled entrances in medical centres, hospitals or public buildings.

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For sliding doors of up to 125 Kg per leaf, these sliding door operators can answer the needs of modern design when it comes doing away with architectural barriers.

These 24V operators can solve any issues related to managing passages in collective areas such as airports and shopping malls. Or rather, in public ]and private areas such as banks and hotels.